✅ Why do I Sabotage Myself when I'm dieting to Lose Weight?

Why do I sabotage myself when I'm dieting?

Adopting a new eating plan is not easy, especially because it is essential to have a routine and a habit when it comes to the new diet. It does not matter whether it is a diet to lose weight, to gain weight or to make our diet healthier without implying a need for weight loss. Changing our eating habits, at least at first, will cost us because it is something we are not used to.

In this process, in which we get used to a new feeding routine, we will go through moments of motivation (especially at the beginning because something new always pleases us and just thinking about the results we are more eager to put ourselves to it), by moments of discouragement for some reason we are not reaching what we thought or even, or boredom may appear. To this we must add our reactions when these attitudes appear and these great impulses of sabotage or better said, of self-sabotage incite us to return to the old pattern although it is not the healthiest or the one that best suits us.

Why then do we self-sabotage if we know that the best thing for our body is to take care of ourselves?

Because it is difficult for us to change our habits, that first and foremost because those foods that harm us the most cause us pleasure because of the substances that are included (sugars, fats, fried foods, white flours, etc).

If we associate diet with restriction we are fried. A very good suggestion is that the new habits you adopt are pleasant and healthy. In this way you will not miss a package of cookies that, no matter how rich they are, lead you to feed your love handles, promote cavities, emotionally alter, and also do not solve the reason why you ate more than you should.

What exactly is self-sabotage?

Maybe we should have started there because maybe you are having this practice but you don't know it yourself. Self-sabotage is that attitude or actions, rather, that you put into practice yourself to react to what you are doing that is convenient for you but requires great effort. They tend to be actions that are often unconscious or to which you do not see a major impact but that you really know that they have, since they distance you from your goal.

Why then do we self-sabotage ourselves on a diet?

First, because as we have been saying, a new habit is always difficult for everyone. Getting out of the comfort zone, however damaging this is, is always complicated and there, many emotions and feelings emerge that are what will make us fall. The most important and always there is fear. Yes, fear is what makes us self-sabotage and eat what we shouldn't. The fear is that the one who tells us that we cannot, that it will be an impossible endeavor for us, that it is better to give up because we are weak so, overcoming this fear we can move on to another point. But, always keep in mind that overcoming a fear is not that it disappears from our lives, but rather learning to live with it or them and knowing how to manage them in a way that does not block us.

On the other hand, there is also a clear relationship between self-sabotage and self-rejection. When you usually eat compulsively or improperly, it is usually because you do not feel well, have you noticed that when you feel centered and serene it is easier for you to take care of yourself, and that you also enjoy it? When we don't feel well, or we go through a difficult situation, we tend to reject that feeling of discomfort, we seek to feel better, and some people turn to food. And I don't need to explain that overeating doesn't solve any of your problems, and that it will increase your suffering.

I start to stop rejecting myself when I accept myself.

Speaking of what we are talking about means accepting those uncomfortable emotions, or those crazy thoughts. Rejecting what you feel, curiously leads you to cling to it more. Giving yourself permission to feel those emotions, observing those thoughts, generates enough space for you to integrate what needs to be integrated and release the rest. Emotions flow, let them follow their natural path, which always leaves you with a good body, do you remember the last time you laughed or the last time you cried? when you give yourself permission to express your emotions from acceptance you always stay in good body.

Conclusion; We can say that we sabotage ourselves because we reject a part of the emotions or thoughts at that moment flow through us, we try to silence them with runaway food. The next time instead of rejecting what you feel, welcome it, accept it, welcome it, inspire it. You will see that when you put your attention there, those emotions will be transformed until you release them, expire them, leaving in you their trail of wisdom.

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