✅ 9 Tips to Train your Mind Wisely to lose weight for the benefit of your body.

How to make yourself to lose weight using 9 tips and train your mind to modify behavior for the benefit of your body.

Emotions make us fat and slim because the relationship between what we feel and what we eat is direct. If we unmask what the problem is, our minds will help us lose weight.


Is being overweight serious? Yes, if you feel that your body is out of your will. Yes, if it is an aesthetic requirement and you impose yourself having an "ideal" weight in your "ideal" life. Yes, if this problem hurts your ego. If this is your case, it is time to ask yourself if your discomfort and your extra kilos are hiding something that is not seen on the surface.

You have to learn to deal with emotions without resorting to weight loss plans that divert attention. Among diets and binge eaters many are neglected, for example, the feeling of vulnerability. Always looking strong is very difficult if you do not hide behind the Pounds ...


When you understand that you cannot solve your problems through food, seek help. Thinks that depending on food as the only way of gratification is not "better" than asking for help for a while. You also can't believe that you only need willpower because when you give up eating it becomes an obsession.

If you want to have "an ideal diet" to have "the ideal weight", the intentions are very good, but the results are terrible. You have to free yourself from the shackles of food. You have to start listening to the body without fighting it. Take care of your body when is tired, nurture your body if is hungry and love your body when needs affection.


If you eat without hunger, the most likely is that you exceed yourself, because you will be under the effects of "emotional hunger", which is precisely what you do not control. Check your emotions and you will recognize why your brain leads you to eat like this.

And let yourself be freely guided by the desires: a hot dish? Something light? Sweet or salt? Let your desire be satisfied, give yourself that pleasure. And just stop eating when you feel like it's "enough." Thus, you will be able to recognize your level of satisfaction of emotional hunger and real hunger.

Try to change your mind and your image. Share your affairs with your closest friends, instead of making up for it by pouncing on chocolate bars. Sometimes, it is the need for communication and unsatisfied affection that induces us to eat.

Keep in mind the "ideal" image of yourself, the one you want to achieve. You visualize it and so your brain becomes an ally and your body will want to make it happen. Little by little, you will leave behind the fact of achieving ephemeral satisfaction through a binge.


As you go through the process, if you binge without any control, the last thing you have to do is hate yourself for your "weakness." It is done: enjoy now the flavors, the textures, the color and the aroma of what you are bringing to your mouth. It is a good resource to stop "devouring".

And don't be ashamed, because you haven't done anything wrong. After the meal, be kind to yourself, forgive yourself and in no case deprive yourself of eating the next day or skip meals to compensate. If you resort later, to punish yourself, fasting or drastic diets, chances are that at the least expected moment you will relapse into binge eating.


Eat as if you feel thin and do it in full view. As if you have already reached your ideal weight, your brain will help you achieve it. Prepare something that you like a lot, do it with care and dedication and sit quietly at the table. The more attention you pay to preparing food, the more aware you will be of this moment.

And always sitting at the table. Sitting down to eat means "deciding" to eat: knowing what you are doing, seeing what you are going to bring to your mouth, relating closely and naturally to food.


Eliminate all convictions that cause "mental obesity" by re-educating your mind. The easier you think losing weight is to you, the easier it will be. Use the word to reprogram your way of thinking. And don't entertain yourself watching television or reading the newspaper or playing music.

It is important to enjoy the senses while you eat. When you eat, eat. Find a nice and comfortable environment and avoid stress while eating.


It is important that you keep in mind the change that is brewing. And that this change is from the inside out. As you review your emotions, as your brain visualizes the new image, the body makes it come true.

Make this image a habit, remember it throughout the day. You will see how you are more aware of what you put in your mouth, without deceiving yourself.

Dare to make a journal. Write down your feelings, feelings, desires ... Write and live, instead of "choking" on what you would like to eliminate from your life.


Each food not only provides us with nutrients, it also provides us with energy, affects us emotionally and cognitively and has a lot to do with our reactions.

One way to become aware is to ask yourself how each of the dishes you have offered has received your body. How have you reacted to the salad, the paella, the cake? Which have satisfied you the most or provided you with a higher degree of well-being? Which ones do you want to try again? It will help you create a new relationship with food.

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