Tips you should know BEFORE starting your Ketogenic Diet!

Understand why you are doing it. Its overall health or just lose some weight?

Look into your shopping, what will need to change, Ex. Do you cook with heavy cream today? Do you have coconut oil/butter… things you will need to make your fat bomb snacks? …obviously ditch the carbs Prepare the kitchen from what you have to what you will be making.
Get a water bottle. For a sometime, you will have intense thirst, this will decrease a but eventually, but you will need to drink water. Get keto sticks. It's a fun way to keep motivated. 
Understand how to eat under 20g of carbs a day. Prepare and do this for the 1st 4 weeks. The results will be tremendously motivating (even though at that point you mainly be dropping water weight).
Start with weighing and measuring. Body analysis scale is one of the gadgets you should have.
Drinking broth, etc. Yes, this helps!
Consider other aspects: Will you also apply intermittent fasting? Exercise? What are your thoughts on “cheat days”?
Expect the 1st few days to be kind of tough. You may be grumpy, feel lack of energy, have cravings (thankfully you have made fat bombs already) and for some even develop the “keto rash” (don't worry it is treatable w/out having to leave ketosis).
The more you understand what is happening the more you will understand why what is happening. Make sure to prepare so you can enjoy it!

Eat 50% by weight fat and 50% weight by carbs and protein. That works out to about 70% fat by energy. Cutting out all cereal products, fruit with a high glycemic index number, rice and potatoes will surprisingly push the amount of fat significantly, but not quite enough. Bullet proof coffee to end intermittent fasting (coconut oil, full fat cream and butter). Avocados, olive oil, lard and tallow, a good marbled steak with lots of fat on it, lamb, pork chops - again with the fat, eggs, bacon.
The Keto flu is avoidable or if you just up your sodium intake. So often it’s a case of an electrolyte disproportion and just by either heavily salting your foods or drinking bone broth you can eliminate a lot of these symptoms.
Go super strict for the first 30 days. Eliminating the grains, sugars, dairy and artificial sweeteners. Persons that exclude these early on do much better long term. They eliminate the carb cravings faster and find out that more some dairy causes swelling that makes weight loss slower.
Not to worry about macros to start. Just focus on eliminated the carbs and eating enough fat to kill the cravings. There is a lot of things going on in your body and no need to stress yourself more with worrying about macros to start.

The best advice for people who start with the Ketogenic Diet;

·       It takes time to become keto adapted - up to 6 months
·       Make sure you have sufficient salt, as cutting out bread reduces this a lot
·       Combine with intermittent fasting - eating ‘window’ between 12 and 5 p.m.
·       Do not measure urine ketones as there is nothing to measure after you are adapted.
·       Eat ecological dairy and grass-fed beef
·       Take DHA oil (in cod liver oil) daily
·       Eat leafy greens to keep minerals in balance (especially potassium, zinc and magnesium)

Finally, start enjoying life and finding your natural wait, which is easy to maintain once you are keto adapted! Overall the Ketogenic diet is great. Stick to the plan and the results will follow.

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