The Desires of Preparing Desserts from the Keto Diet Came True.

Have fantastic keto desserts with minimal expense and Low Carbs.

While the keto diet is full of delicious foods (meat and cheese, anyone?), the diet high in fat and low in carbohydrates is not really known for its tasty desserts. Ice cream is out of the question, as are most cakes and cookies. So ... what's left?

It turns out that a lot of things! You just need to be a little creative, which means knowing some key exchanges of keto ingredients (think: almond flour for all-purpose flour or cocoa powder for chocolate).

Even better: use a cookbook to boost the creativity of your recipe. Your best bet? Keto Fat Bombs, Sweets & Treats, which offers tons of recipes for low-carb indulgences. Because yes, it's true, homemade treats (even keto-friendly ones) always taste better than store-bought ones.

The author: Urvashi Pirtre, the low carb chef behind the popular blog Keto Two Sleevers. Urvashi lost 80 pounds in the ketogenic diet and now shares his recipes with tons of other people on a ketogenic diet.

What you will get: Clearly, you will get tons of dessert recipes "I can't believe they are keto", more than 100 of them, and many only take 15 to 20 minutes to prepare. In addition to delicious recipes, you will also receive proven keto advice from someone who (successfully!) Has followed the diet, such as keto-friendly exchanges, keto myths to dissipate and some basic concepts of the keto diet.

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