MAGNET KETO Perfect Gift For ketogenic diet lovers!

Keto Cheat Sheet Magnets Set Ketogenic Diet Magnetic Reference Quick Guide Charts for Fridge Refrigerator.

Have you started your KETO Diet project? (YES / NO) If your answer is yes: 
Are you fed up of low carbohydrates foods in your mind? Does it bother you so much to always look for food ingredients that you want to give up on your weight loss plan? Do you inadvertently consume excess carbohydrates due to a miscalculation? Do you steal food for lack of supervision or reminder? If your answer is no: Do ​​you think the plan is too complicated? Do you think you need to memorize too much relevant knowledge? Do you doubt your self-control? If you are in line with one or more of the above, then it is absolutely necessary to buy this set of Keto Cheat Sheet magnets. It has an easy reference and a set of cheat sheets so that your refrigerator stays on track and reaches ketosis with your keto diet. 

This gives you a quick list of the best low carb and high fat options for your meals and snacks. Not only can you provide comprehensive food suggestions and accurate nutritional information conveniently and efficiently, but also remind you at all times to help you complete your weight loss plan!

A must have for the keto dieter.

Perfect gift for ketogenic diet lovers!

FACILITATE WEIGHT LOSS FOR EVERYONE: Vegan? Pescatarian ... TOTAL Carnivore? Is the view not so good or are there too many children running so you can concentrate for two seconds? Keto Cheat Sheet Magnets that makes keto easy for everyone! And less space is needed!

CLEAN OR DIRTY KETO? Burger topped with melted cheese, lean chicken breast with avocado or a leafy salad loaded with nuts? No matter what style or stage of Keto you are, you will find enough food to make hundreds of combinations as you like. See, at a glance, the serving size, net carbohydrates, proteins, fats and calories of each item PLUS a clinical qualification guide that tells you if a food is an excellent option, or to avoid it!

VERSATILE, EASY READ THE KETO GUIDE Unique Keto magnet! It is easier to read, it is compact for your refrigerator and also for your bag! Not only does it have a giant magnet on the back to hold firm, but also a hook if you want to hang it. All foods and measurements are clinically approved and our third nutritionist verify their accuracy.

ESSENTIAL FOR LCHF! The keto Magnetic guide informs you about the content of calories, net carbohydrates, fats and proteins in 43 common ketogenic foods. You can use this memo to strictly control your daily nutrient intake and make the keto easier and more professional.

CONVENIENT CHECK! The keto diet table is divided into 4 categories and adopted high-definition images and large sources, which makes finding food fast and convenient.

MANUAL USE Made of soft magnetic thickened high quality, it easily adheres to the refrigerator door or other iron products. In addition, its water and oil proof surface makes it applicable to any place.

PERFECT KETO GIFT! Such a simple reference and note will help your ketogenic diet to become ketosis, a perfect gift for ketogenic diet lovers. Do you want to be a magnet man? Start with the keto diet!

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