How to have a fantastic fresh meal plan with minimal spending?

Understanding the Background of Fresh Meal Plan.

Based in South Florida, Fresh Meal Plan is a food delivery service that promises to deliver delicious and healthy meals prepared right to your doorstep. The company offered eight different types of meal plans that are designed to help you eat healthy, gourmet-style foods without spending time preparing, cooking or cleaning to do so.

Fresh Meal Plan was co-founded by a CIA-trained chef and fitness enthusiast to offer food enthusiasts an alternative to preparing their own food each day. The company makes it clear on its website that its target customers are those who want to eat healthy (and generally follow an intense training routine like CrossFit), but do not want to take some time of their day to cook for themselves.

According to the company's website, all of the foods in the Fresh Meal Plan are delivered directly from your kitchen to your door, and contain a balanced mix of protein, vegetables and complex carbohydrates. The company states that its meals are never frozen before being delivered and that its nutritional content is customized according to the plan in which it is enrolled.

But does enrolling in your meal plan really provide you with meals made with the "finest and freshest gourmet ingredients" as they claim? Let's see the details to find out for sure.


Everything you need to know about, how the Fresh Meal Plan works.

According to the company's website, the first step in signing up in Fresh Meal Plan is to determine if the company complies with your area. They offered deliveries to all areas of southeast Florida, Greater Orlando and Tampa, the New York-New Jersey metropolitan area, and from Massachusetts to Pennsylvania. 

You can enter your zip code on their website for a quick verification of your location.

They plan to expand their range. You can try to check with them yourself to see if your region will soon be on your list by email to

If you can enroll successfully, the second step is to choose the meal plan that makes the most sense to you. Fresh Meal Plan offered eight plans. The standard meal plan starts at five dinners per week for $59.95, and you have the option of completing your order by adding breakfast, lunch or snacks, or choosing a more expensive plan.

Fresh Meal Plan offers five meal plan varieties:

1- Traditional - Like the company's flagship meal plan, traditional meals provide gourmet-style food in healthy 500-calorie portions that contain balanced levels of protein, carbohydrates and vegetables without artificial additives, preservatives or added sugar, and low levels of sodium and added fats.

2 - Paleo - Designed to fit the requirements of the standard Paleo diet, this plan is free of legumes, grains, and dairy products, and instead contains lean proteins, fibrous vegetables, and nuts and seeds. Each meal is between 300-400 calories and is low in sodium and cholesterol.

3 - Ketogenic: This low-carb, gluten-free meal option is designed to put your body into ketosis so that it burns body fat instead of glucose after each meal. This plan restricts your carbohydrate intake while providing you with 500-600 calories of healthy fats, fiber, and protein instead. When followed correctly, the company claims, a ketogenic diet can stimulate weight loss, boost brain function, and improve your energy levels. ​​​​​​​

4 - Vegan: Fresh Meal Plan’s meat-free options provide plenty of plant-based protein in meals that range from 290-350 calories each. Some of the meals classified as vegetarian contain fish and other seafood for those who are more flexible with their eating plan. 

5 - Lean and Mean: Formulated with the nutritional needs of bodybuilders in mind, Lean and Mean meals contain large portions of proteins, few fats, and a limited amount of complex carbohydrates. Each meal is approximately 450 calories.

The demographic objective for Fresh Meal Plan seems to be physical exercise enthusiasts like CrossFitters who don't want to spend time cooking every day. If that sounds like you (and you live where the plan is offered) Fresh Meal Plan could be a perfect complement to your healthy lifestyle. Fresh Meal Plan also is the Best Meal Delivery Service for keto dieters.

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