Best KETO (Low Carb) Meal Replacement SHAKES, BARS or Snacks for Weight Loss!

Can Meal Replacement Shakes help you to lose weight in the keto diet?

If you are looking for weight loss shakes, meal replacement shakes are an excellent option. They are perfect while traveling, working or when you need a nutritious breakfast, dinner or lunch but you don't have time to prepare a healthy dish. Most contain a good amount of protein, vitamins and essential minerals. For this reason, meal replacement shakes are a convenient way to get a healthy, low-carb meal.

The diets that include the use of food substitutes propose replacing one, two or more daily intakes with different products, the most frequent being the shakes, although there are also bars, cookies, snacks and other options that serve to replace any of the usual meals throughout the day. Also, the Atkins weight loss plan offers different products, many of them food and other substitutes, which are recommended to be used to facilitate the achievement of the protein-rich and low-carbohydrate diet they propose.

Most of the substitutes are marketed as the easy alternative to lose weight, since they avoid us having to cook, think about food and if we are choosing nutrients in a balanced way. Thus, they capture the attention of many people who prefer to disburse money on their purchase and not cook or worry about what they ingest but yes, lose weight. However, do they work to lose weight? Science shows different results in this regard. On the one hand, a study published this year concludes that food substitutes are effective, safe and favor adherence when losing weight by being comfortable to solve daily intakes.

Likewise, research published in the Nutrition Journal indicates that food substitutes promote a significantly greater weight loss than a meal-based plan, although with the first option much more weight is recovered than with the second.

Also, both studies that show positive conclusions about the use of substitutes are financed by companies that sell these products, such as Herbalife and Medifast's.

However, there are studies  with positive results using meal replacements without conflict of interest, and there is also research showing that at equal calories, protein-rich shakes do not produce a significantly higher metabolic expense, so, a meal with equal calories that a shake or other substitute might be useful too. 

It is clear that the use of substitutes works to keep the calories of a meal under control and "save" the time we would spend cooking. However, a meal of equal calories can be as much or more effective than a shake and much cheaper to lose weight, in addition to being more appropriate to educate our eating behavior and teach us to eat well by changing habits.

Do protein shakes help you to lose weight in the Keto diet?

Yes. Protein shakes are an easy breakfast for those who follow the Keto diet that cannot drink a normal shake. Chocolate protein powders are ideal for throwing them into chocolate if you're used to taking a mocha on the way to the office.

It goes without saying that not all protein powders are low in carbohydrates, so you'll have to look carefully at the label. A powder that contains casein protein, which is digested slowly and helps you feel full longer. Or you can try a protein powder composed almost without carbohydrates for those who do this diet.

Do healthy Bars or Snacks help you to lose weight in the Keto diet?

Healthy Keto Bars or Snack provide the necessary macronutrients for low-carb and high-fat diets. Perfect for your ketogenic needs. Best of all, it does not carry added sugars. Keto bars contain MCT oil, cocoa butter, organic almond butter, herbal whey protein and more. Always check the ingredients. Together, these powerful ingredients improve body and mind energy to achieve your goals. It gives energy and supports weight loss, Great for breakfast, lunch or after dinner. These snacks without caffeine provide energy without nerves, while supporting the metabolism to improve weight control by burning fat. Ideal for beginners and advanced in the diet. Keto Snacks are great for beginners and advanced who need a fast pre-training solution. It is ideal for athletes, sports activities, weightlifting, cycling, running, and much more.

When to Go for A Meal Replacement in the Keto Diet?

1- Too Busy Day - Try to make two portion-controlled meals yourself and use one meal replacement shake for when you cannot eat homemade meals. Nutrition experts recommend sticking to 1-2 protein/meal replacement shakes per day.

2- Enter in Ketosis - Using shakes designed to replace keto meals can make entering ketosis way easier in the beginning simply because they take the guesswork out of meal planning.

3- Workouts - It provides enough protein and carbs for recovery and plenty of ketogenic oils. if it contains MCT oil and exogenous ketones, much better.

4- Perfect to prevent to eat food High in Carbs - Meal replacement shakes are better to avoid cheating the keto diet.

Among the various benefits you can get when using meal replacement shakes, Bars or Snacks include:

They contain a lot of nutrients.

They are suitable for busy lifestyles.

They are easy to transport.

They are helpful for people struggling to limit their daily calorie intake without neglecting their vitamin and mineral intake.

They give you a quick boost of energy.

The meal replacement shakes or bars, have become one of the ideal alternatives for those who want to lose weight or maintain it. A solution that every time has a greater number of adherents and whose results are usually very satisfactory.

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