3 Days FAST Ketosis 8 things you didn't know about it.

What it is the 3 Day Fast Ketosis Diet?

The 3 days fast ketosis it is a drastic diet that allows you to lose weight quickly but it is not recommended for all types of organisms. It is an ideal diet for those who are overweight, is less rigorous than the Atkins diet because it is designed for physical activity.

The combination of foods included in this diet is specifically designed to burn fat, speed up your metabolism and lose weight quickly. It is one of the best diets known to lose weight without making costly and dangerous surgeries.

In 8 days, you can lose 8 to 10 lbs without going hungry, the indication is to control the intermediate days. Drink a lot of water. 

The 8 keys for success in the 3 days Fast Ketosis diet.

1. Eat less than 20g of net carbohydrates per day if you want fasting to induce ketosis. The net carbohydrates are calculated by subtracting the grams of fiber (or sugar alcohols in some cases) from the total grams of carbohydrates. Do not guess: you'd be surprised how many grams of carbohydrates are in things you might have considered "free," such as onions, garlic, tomatoes and kale, just to mention a few.

2. Buy a little ketostix, they are not expensive and you can even cut them in half to get twice as many strips. Some people say they do not matter, but when you suffer as much as you will in the first few days, it's good to get the validation that it's working.

On average, most people take about three days to enter ketosis. The sticks will confirm that the ketones are being excreted through the urine. That is all. They will not change color at all from ketones, then there is a trace (light pink) and it rises from there to dark purple. The darkness of the stick does not matter. As long as you show minimum amounts, then you are in ketosis and ready. In fact, if it shows too dark on the stick, you may be dehydrated and need to drink more water

3. Eat enough salt! I'm going to say that again so pay attention. EAT. ENOUGH. SALT.
When you eat low carbohydrates, your body does not retain water in the same way, so sodium and other important electrolytes are eliminated quickly. You must replenish these or you will feel very bad, it can even cause palpitations, panic attacks and other things that are scary.

4. DRINK A LOT OF WATER. Then drink more water. Do you think you've had enough? I DO NOT CARE ABOUT, IT'S GOING TO DRINK EVEN MORE WATER.
You should splash when you walk and urinate every 10 minutes, as if you were 9 months pregnant with an 11-pound baby that bounces off your bladder like a pogo stick (moms know what I'm talking about). This is important. I do not want to hear complaints about that you do not like the taste of water, etc. If necessary, you can throw some drops of MIO, but put on the big girl pants and take it.

Aim for at least 100 ounces a day, especially in the first weeks until your body adapts. Then you can lower it to 99 ounces per day if you feel safe.

5. Do not panic.
Headaches, deep fatigue of the bones, irritability, dizziness and more, depending on your body. Hang in there, it's worth it! The first three days of the keto diet are the most difficult. Some of you have done it before and know that you just handle it and everything will get better soon.

Those of you who may be new to what they call "keto flu" may be frightened, thinking that your death is imminent. I can assure you that it is very unlikely that you will die from abstinence from sugar / carbohydrates, but to be sure that it is always advisable to consult your doctor before embarking on a new eating plan, or if something feels really bad it is better Sure to regret it: seek medical attention if you consider it necessary. Most symptoms can be alleviated by supplementing and drinking enough water.

Your body will be like an angry child who has a tantrum. WANT TO SUGAR AND CARBS NOW, but you will not give it, right? IT'S YOU??? As with children, the key is to distract, distract, distract. Give him something more desirable (bacon, cheese, etc.) even if it is not what he really wants. Do not think you'll feel better if you only eat a little carbohydrate, there's no compromise! 20g of net carbohydrates or less per day. LEARN IT! It's hard to love people, trust me in this. Do not plan everything obsessively and overwhelm yourself so that you feel more difficult than you should. 

Enter ketosis. Give your body time to adapt to it so you can function. THEN, you can worry about the fine adjustment and everything else. Seriously. The focus here is, simplicity. She is likely to feel irritable, fatigued, and not feel well for the first three days or a week. Trust me: the last thing you want to do is prepare complicated meals.

The basic strategy here is to never be too hungry, and fill your face with foods rich in delicious carbohydrates, high in fat and very low often. Once you open the door to hunger, your resolution may fly out the window and you have returned to point one.

7. WARNING! This is not a high protein diet! Your body can convert excess protein into glucose and we do not want that. You want your body to learn how to use fat for energy: that's the secret to unlocking your fat stores and losing weight almost effortlessly in a low carb plan.

Keto is a low carbohydrate / moderate protein / high fat plan.
Do not think that you will cheat the system and lose faster by restricting carbohydrates and fat; you will feel (even more) horrible, and after the initial weight loss of the water, your weight loss can be inhibited by eating a lot of protein.

To know how much fat / protein you should get for your body, try this handy keto calculator.

If you are going to do this, you must commit to eating fat: throw your old ideas about fat = bad through the window and hug it.

If you are anxious about that, here is a list of links to some excellent resources on the science of low carbohydrates, how and why it works, testimonials and success stories, etc.

8. All brands are not created equal. Sometimes (but not always) you have to buy the brand with the generic name because carbohydrates are less, this is generally true with cream cheese, for example. When buying thick cream, proceed organically if you can find it because some brands use thickeners that add carbohydrates. Buy your cheese in blocks or slices instead of strips: the grated cheese is covered with food starch to prevent it from accumulating and that adds carbohydrates.

READ THE LABELS! Do not assume that nothing is a free meal!
Garlic powder, onion powder, lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, all contain carbohydrates that add up. If you're not getting into ketosis, there's a reason: it's usually about hidden carbohydrates that you're not counting. If in doubt, look for it at sites such as Calorie King or My Fitness Pal to be sure.

Last recommendations with the 3 Day fast ketosis diet.

Consume 20 grams or less of net carbohydrates per day, not too much protein, lots of fat, drink at least 100 ounces of water per day, consume lots of salt and supplement with potassium and magnesium. Boom, three days later you are in ketosis (which you can measure with your ketostix) and on the way!

Now, what should you eat? There are endless combinations of food and it really depends on your personal preferences. With this 3 day simple keto menu plan you can notice fast before and after transformation. This is what works for me and, as my body knows the exercise, I can return to ketosis in less than 2 days with this plan. If you are new to low carbohydrates, it may take between 4 and 5 days. Do not despair, it will happen.

I do not really care about the size of the portions during the first days; It's about eating until you're satisfied and satisfied, and that will be different for everyone. Remember, we are not worried about calories at this time, it's just about getting into ketosis, lots of satiating fats, not a lot of carbohydrates. That is all.


DAY 1:

BREAKFAST: Cream cheese Pancakes with butter and syrup without sugar (if desired)
coffee with heavy cream (and without sweetener if you wish)
Bacon or sausage without sugar for breakfast

MID MORNING: 2-3 cheese slices

LUNCH: Ham and cheese rolled in cream cheese Salad with mayonnaise and arugula or spinach water with hot or cold lemon the desired amount.

LATE AFTERNOON: Half avocado with salt and pepper.

DINNER: Classic buffalo wings blue cheese without sugar and celery sticks.

DAY 2:

BREAKFAST: Eggs (any style) bacon or unsweetened sausage coffee with heavy cream.

MID MORNING: Half an avocado with lite salt (potassium) and pepper

LUNCH: Tuna salad (tuna, mayonnaise, salt and pepper)
Romaine lettuce leaves (only with a spoon and eat like a taco)
1 cup of chicken broth

LATE AFTERNOON: 12 almonds and / or cheese 2 slices

DINNER: Cheddar cheese with chili, sour cream and pork rinds for dipping (optional)

DESSERT: 1 serving of chocolate mousse or chocolate truffles (optional) 

DAY 3:

BREAKFAST: Cream cheese Pancakes, Coffee heavy cream (and without carbohydrate sweetener, if desired) Sugar free breakfast sausage with bacon

MID MORNING: 12 almonds and / or cheese 2 slices

LUNCH: Remains of chili, tuna salad, ham and cheese / leftover pancakes

LATE AFTERNOON: 1 cup of chicken broth half avocado with salt and pepper.

DINNER: Cajun chicken Cheesy Cheese Mash Cauliflower 2 cups spinach with no carbohydrate dressing

DESSERT: 1 serving of chocolate mousse or chocolate truffles (optional)

This should be more than enough to start! Feel free to mix and match or eat the same thing every day if you wish, as long as you stay below 20 g of net carbohydrates. It is also recommended practice physical exercise three days, preferably more exercises with resistance / weight, no matter the amount but the intensity of the exercises. Creating muscle thins faster and burns fat even after you finish the routines.

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