▷ NEW 28 Day KETO Challenge for Beginners

NEW 28 Day KETO Challenge: A simple and effective way of slimming.

The ketogenic diet (also called keto diet) is the most effective way to burn fat without going hungry or suffering a rebound effect. We will agree that overweight has become one of the most serious problems in our society. It is not only for an aesthetic issue but for the health problems that it entails. The excess of fat is behind the 3 most important causes of death: cardiovascular diseases, neurodegenerative diseases and cancer, besides being the main cause of diabetes II. But losing weight with traditional methods is a real torture! It implies going hungry, having to count calories. And in the end 80% of people have recovered the fat lost with so much effort at 3 months. Faced with such a big failure of traditional diets, from science has emerged a revolutionary movement that is transforming the world of nutrition: the ketogenic diet. In this article you will learn everything you need to know about a 
low carbohydrate diet
. Specially the NEW 28 Day KETO Challenge.

What is the NEW 28 Day Keto Challenge?

Is a detailed and complete plan that will guide you through the first month of your keto diet. It will provide you with a list of low carb foods you can and cannot eat, which will make attaching to your new diet much easier. There is much more information in this guide that will help you stay current for the first 28 days.

What is the Ketogenic diet about?

The ketogenic diet consists of substantially reducing the consumption of carbohydrates (sugars, cereals, legumes, fruits, tubers ...) and increasing the consumption of quality fats (avocado, olive oil, coconut, etc.) in order to "force" the body to consume new fats. The goal of the ketogenic diet is to re-educate your body so that it learns to burn fat again.

We say "re-educate" because the ability to burn fat is innate in the human being and the fact that we do not normally is the fault of the over-abundance of food in which we live. Throughout our lives we have had abundant food and especially in the form of carbohydrates and therefore we have not had to use fat as an energy source. And, just as with physical activity, the body gradually atrophies and loses its innate capacity.

The curious thing is that our body does not store carbohydrates as an energy reserve but fats Therefore, we accumulate fat that we later do not know how to use.

What is included in the NEW 28 Day Keto Challenge?

The Keto Basics
You will get a book that details the basic concepts of the keto diet, which is an important foundation to begin with. It will provide you with all the different benefits of following this long-term diet. There is also a small Keto food pyramid that comes with a shopping list to make things easier for you. The 13 tips for success in this book will list all the foods you can enjoy, as well as those you should avoid.

Eating on keto
The book Eating on Keto, which will get 10 different low carb recipes for delicious breakfasts, 12 lunch recipes and 14 dinner recipes. There are also a number of snack ideas that will help you control your cravings. It comes with a calendar that will show you what you should eat for each keto meal every day for the first 28 days. This calendar makes following the keto recipes easier than ever.

Tips for staying in ketosis
The book "Tips for staying in Ketosis" will detail how your body physically changes when it enter in ketosis. It will explain how to make this transition in the easiest and simplest way possible. This transition only takes a few days if you follow the instructions detailed in this particular guide. The easier the transition, the more likely you are to succeed with your long-term diet.

A micro look at macronutrients
Knowing your macros that comes with this plan will explain how many grams of fat, carbohydrates and proteins consumed daily. You will also learn how to correctly calculate your macro nutrients and maintain their proportions proportionally. Go into great detail about hidden carbohydrates, which can completely sabotage your diet if you are not careful.

Beat the keto flu
The phrase "Keto flu" is a term used to explain the adverse symptoms that a person may experience when making the switch to a ketogenic diet. This book will detail these signs so you can recognize them if they appear. You will also learn how to eliminate symptoms as quickly and effectively as possible.

Fasting tips
The intermittent fasting book that comes with this plan can really help you learn how to make a proper diet. It is a fact that intermittent fasting can be good for your body and very useful for losing weight. There are 5 unique styles of fasting that you will learn when you read this book.

Keto and friends
The book Keto & Friends will help you deal with any negative comments you may receive from friends and family when you start your new diet. This is something that makes many people stumble and prevents them from continuing with the diet. You will also receive a chart that includes tips for eating out and consuming alcohol.

Bonus Materials

Bonus #1 
Keto desserts: This bonus will provide you 36 different recipes for delicious desserts that will not interfere with your diet.

Bonus #2
Avocado recipes: The Keto-Friendly Avocado Recipes bonus will provide you with five different ways to prepare avocados.

Bonus #3
Keto supplement guide: This bonus will explain about 12 of the best supplements to take while on a ketogenic diet to stay healthy.

4 Powerful Benefits with the NEW 28 Day Keto Challenge.

1.    Weight loss: If you have difficulty losing excess fat, this dietary program can be very beneficial. It will help you learn to eat healthier so that you can finally begin to lose weight efficiently.
2.    Healthier body: The keto diet that is detailed in this complete guide will help you to be much healthier. Most of us do not realize how unhealthy we are until we start eating better.
3.    Easy keto meals to follow: Unlike many other dietary programs, this is very easy keto food diet to follow with simple instructions. It takes you through each step of the process to help you make the transition in the best possible way.
4.    Great value: One of the best things about this product is that it offers a lot of excellent materials for a very small amount of money. You will not be able to find a better offer on the Internet.

Conclusion; New 28 Day Keto Challenge

Who should buy the NEW 28 Day keto challenge? Anyone who is interested in starting a ketogenic diet should consider buying this product. It can be of particular help for those who try to lose weight or have failed a keto diet in the past. You will have a solid plan and guidelines to maintain your new diet properly during the first full month. If you want to be healthier and happier, this is a great resource to use.
It will also provide you with useful resources that will facilitate the transition to a ketogenic diet. This information can give you the details and tools you need to be successful with your diet for years to come. It is full of useful tips and suggestions that will be useful in the long term.

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