Social life, drinks and the ketogenic diet, will it be possible?

You will never believe these truths of social life, drinks and the ketogenic diet.

Something complicated to carry out the ketogenic diet, is to have a social life! Because everywhere there are many carbohydrates, and especially when we go to a bar. The main thing you should know is that we must put aside beer and wine (contains too many carbohydrates) and it is preferable to drink a with stronger liquors. As we know these liquors are made with grains, potatoes, fruits and natural sugars. During fermentation and distillation, the sugar is converted to ethyl alcohol. Drinking alcohol can greatly influence your level of ketosis, but this will slow down the weight loss. When we ingest alcohol, this has a direct effect on the metabolism of the liver. By consuming more alcohol, more ketones are produced. When the liver is trying to process the alcohol we drink, it converts it to triglycerides which positively affect the production of ketones. However, you have to be careful, many people when they are in ketosis can feel drunk faster than normal. 

It is not exclusive to some, although it seems that way. Maintaining a diet, especially if it is ketogenic, is complicated if you have a life full of social commitments. Why? In this one it is not usually measured the amounts that are consumed of food and alcoholic beverages. In the ketogenic diet we know that we must take care of the carbohydrates that we consume and that little by little we can get out of the ketosis.

We should not fall into the trap of information that say that in the ketogenic diet you can drink light beverages, such as wine or beer, since they have little carbohydrates. A glass of beer or "light" wine contains about 7 grams of carbohydrates.

If we want the ketogenic diet to be effective, we must also keep at bay not only the carbohydrates of solid foods, but also those beverages.

Also, there are many people who can experience a much stronger hangover, so remember to keep a good hydration, as a recommendation is to drink 1 glass of water for each glass or shot of alcohol you drink. Here is a list of the drinks you can drink, try not to leave much of the list of suggestions, remember that low carb drinks are preferable. All liqueurs that are flavorless have 0g of net carbohydrates. Use better mineral water or light refreshment to prepare your drinks.

Four quick tips regarding the beverages to avoid in the ketogenic diet.

1.    Beer - One or two Beers Budweiser Select, Miller 64, Michelob Ultra, Coors Light, Corona Light or Amstel Light, these contain 2-5g of net carbohydrates per serving. Most beers are high in carbohydrates that is why they should be avoided. Remember to check the nutritional information of light beers online before buying them.

2.    Wine - Champagne without flavor or without sugar, dry red wine and dry white wine. These types of wines have few carbohydrates and you can consume them. They have an average of 4-5g of net carbohydrates per glass (5oz.) But you have to be careful, check the nutritional information.

3.    Flavored liqueurs - They should be avoided because they add sweet flavors.

4.    Cocktails - You should avoid mixed drinks with flavors and sugars

5 keto friendly alcohol drinks in the ketogenic diet, and now is the time for you to know the truth.

1.    Vodka - It has to be pure vodka and not flavored since the vodkas of flavors usually contain many added sugars.

2.    Rum - We must follow the same guidelines, drink small amounts and never consume flavored rum.

3.    Tequila - Also in this case it must be a tequila of good quality and nothing either to consume one that is flavored.

4.    Whiskey - Whiskey also does not contain added sugars when it is of good quality and can be drink in the ketogenic diet.

5.    Gin - Follow the same guidelines, drink small amounts and never consume flavored gins.

Drinks and the Ketogenic Diet.
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Other keto friendly beverages without alcohol. 

Diet sodas are a good option to satisfy your sweet tooth without adding too many carbohydrates, but there are other ways to quench your thirst while you are in ketosis. For example, you can drink water, blends of commercial beverages without sugar, lean broths, sugar-free coffee, herbal teas or homemade iced tea without sugar. Also, you can add a squeeze of lime or lemon juice to any type of water to add flavor without adding carbohydrates.


Taste for the sweet

Although diet sodas will not interfere with ketosis and can help keep your carbohydrate intake low, they can affirm your sweet tooth and your desire to eat or drink sweet things. Keeping your carbohydrate intake below 50 grams, a day is not easy and can cause sweets and carbohydrates, especially at the beginning of a ketogenic diet. Preserving diet sodas and artificially sweetened foods and beverages in your ketogenic diet can actually affirm your sweet tooth and induce cravings for sweets, making it harder for you to stick to your diet.

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