7 Best Keto Friendly Snacks to Go.

7 healthy Ketogenic snacks that will not get you out of ketosis.

Are you hungry when you follow a ketogenic diet, but is not time to eat yet? Then, keto snacks can be the solution. The Snacks can make you gain some time, which allows you to delay meals to better suit your busy schedule.
However, you should not eat snacks every day as you did before start the ketogenic diet. One of the best things about eating keto is that it mitigates hunger for hours after a meal.
But let's go back to the ketogenic snacks list. Take a look at the numerous options below!
Alleviate hunger with these tasty options. They do not require almost any preparation and are the essential foods of the ketogenic diet. Eating them ensures that healthy fats remain the stars of your diet and that you minimize carbohydrate consumption.
1.    Avocado: Cut some slices, sprinkle with some of your favorite seasonings, a little olive oil, and there you have a tasty snack low in carbohydrates.
2.    Mixed Nuts: However, nuts are incredible to enjoy on the Keto diet, they still have to be in moderation. High in fat, low in carbohydrates, they are also dense in calories.
3.    Pork Rinds: Pork skin is the perfect substitute for chips. They come in a variety of condiments, but it is better to stay away from the added types of MSG. They are usually found in most grocery stores.
4.    Beef Jerky: Dry meat is a great snack for Keto dieters. It is perfect to keep in your bag, since it does not need refrigeration and is a very satisfying snack. Beware of sweeter flavors like "Teriyaki" or otherwise, and always read the labels to make sure that the sugar content is low or nonexistent in your selection.
5.    Cheese: Snacks of cheese is fine but keep in mind that regularly eating cheese when you are not hungry is a common mistake that can delay weight loss. 
6.    Hard Boiled Eggs: Prepare them in a large batch. All at once, and have them ready to take them as you need them throughout the week. 
7.    Chocolate: is not low in carbohydrates. However, you can get away with occasionally eating one or two thin squares of chocolate with a high cocoa content (more than 70% and preferably more than 85%), even if you follow a ketogenic diet low in carbohydrates. If you follow a more liberal diet and low in carbohydrates, you can do it regularly.

8 small Keto diet snacks to go.

Sometimes, all you want is something small to kill your hunger until lunch or dinner, consider packed to go. Maybe you're on a trip, or maybe you need something on your desk for the nights when you have to stay in the office. In any case, you should consume calories that can be stored outside the refrigerator and that are suitable for a ketogenic diet. Here is a list of snack options that are more or less ketogenic. Check the macros to see if they fit your personal regime:

1.   Olives: Green, black or assorted.
2.   Cooked bacon
3.   Salami bites
4.   Coconut flakes
5.   Pork Rinds
6.   Macadamia nuts 
7.   Pile nuts the lowest carbohydrate dry fruit in the world.
8.   Very dark chocolate

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Keto Snacks without carbohydrates

Here are some Snacks without carbohydrates, which can be carried in the car or stored in the desk drawer to alleviate those cravings for savory flavors with low carbs.

To follow the diet and have low-carbohydrate snacks, and to have options to always be available ready for those attacks of hunger after hours. 

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4 common mistakes when following a ketogenic diet.

1.   Coffee with milk: it has a lot of milk and contains approximately 5% carbohydrates. To keep carbohydrates low, drink black coffee or add (if needed) a few teaspoons of cream or milk.
2.   Juices: They are full of sugar. It is preferable to avoid them.
3.   Fruit: The fruit contains a lot of sugar: they are the sweets of nature. It is not as bad as taking a fruit juice, but even so, it will generally be necessary to avoid eating fruits with a strict low carb diet. A more liberal diet allows the occasional consumption of fruit. Bananas and grapes are the ones that contain more sugar.
4.   Cashews: they contain many carbohydrates.

As a reminder, the goal of a ketogenic diet is to force the body to ketosis, and this is only achieved with a strict diet. Although the decomposition of macros varies from person to person, approximately 75% of your daily calories must come from fats, 20% protein and 5% carbohydrates. This means that to be successful, you must choose your snacks well!

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